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How Long Do I Have Access To My Courses?

Your access lasts for 12 months for all courses, from the date that your courses were purchased.
The only exception is if you purchased the Total Pack (all 6 courses), in which case your access will last for 18 months.
If you have any issues or need to extend your access – just shoot us an email at and we’ll see what we can do.

I Want To Do More Courses - How Do I Access Them?

We currently offer 6 courses: 3 Career Courses (Personal Mastery, Personal Branding and Communication) + 3 Leadership Courses (Leadership Fundamentals, Inspiring and Motivating Teams and Coaching).
If you don’t currently have access to any of these, but want to sign up – just visit, add the courses to your cart and make sure you use the same email address at the checkout. Your access will then be updated. If you already have one course and want to upgrade to a pack – drop us a note at and we’ll help sort that out for you.

If your organisation has arranged for you to take part in these courses, the process is a little different – we suggest you talk directly with your organisation about the possibility of booking in for more courses.

How Long Do You Recommend I Take To Complete Each Course?

These courses have been designed as self-paced. Ultimately, it comes down to what will be the best fit for your own personal circumstances.
For some, it will be aiming to complete a module a week. For others, it will mean a 10 day sprint through the videos and ongoing progress through the various tasks and challenges.
We do however recommend trying to find a regular rhythm so that you can hold yourself accountable and keep moving forward.
If you are taking any of the courses as part of a team, we would encourage you to try and find a team rhythm so that you can tackle the modules together and help each other along the way.